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Helpful Garage Door Pointers

Garage Door Tips by Industry Experts

Take advantage of these valuable tips related to garage door springs, openers and major hardware parts. Get the safety, security and reliable performance that you want.

Maintaining a garage door system is easy if you know how to do it right. We gathered some of the most useful tips we offered our customers to help you take better care of your door. If you have any problem that calls for a professional, count on us at Garage Door Repair Lombard for fast and dependable garage door repair services.

Visually inspect your door

It is ideal to inspect your garage door visually on a regular basis. You can do this once a month. You should inspect the cables, springs and rollers. In addition to this, you should also check the pulleys. You have to look for signs of wear and tear, and never manipulate, adjust or change any of these parts while inspecting your door.

Hinges and rollers stuck

If the hinges and rollers of your garage door is stuck and won’t budge, it may be rusty or cracked. You can soak it in kerosene to wipe the rust away. If this doesn’t fix the problem, our experts will fix it for you.

Match tracks with rollers

Since each garage system is different, they all need different garage door parts in terms of size. Garage door tracks come in different widths, lengths and thickness depending on the size, height and weight of the overhead door. Since the garage door rollers sit in tracks and must be chosen based on the weight of the door, too, you must make sure the two components match perfectly.

Salt is not good for garage doors

During winter, most homeowners use salt to melt away ice and other snow components. Though this is quite effective, the substances of salt are corrosive to the components of the garage. Thus, it may damage and threaten the function of your garage door. Keep salt away from your garage door.

Change your home with glass doors

The installation of a glass garage door will definitely make your home look great but, in contrast to the common belief, this is not its main advantage.  Our specialists agree that glass doors do not erode or grow mold, they bring light into the dark garage and help you reduce the electricity bills by consuming less energy.

Invest in wood garage doors

It is not scientifically explained but natural wood has always made people feel warmer while wood garage doors add a touch of class on properties. All of our experts agree that wooden doors will definitely increase the value of any house and make you feel cosy and nice in a friendly environment. Natural materials are more expensive but they are worth it.

Pay close attention to the weight of the new garage door you plan to buy

If you have decided to replace your existing garage door, you should consider carefully how heavy the new unit is. If it is much heavier than the previous one due to its make or to the presence of insulating material, you may have to get a new torsion spring and possibly a new opener. Alternatively, you can take into account the spring’s lift and the opener’s horsepower when selecting a door.

Consider battery backup for your opener with DC motor

There are many openers that can be equipped with this accessory. It supplies power to the opener when the main power is out. Most backup batteries can last for about 24 hours in standby mode. They can perform a fixed number of cycles. The higher this number is the better.

Protect the bottom ends of the tracks from rust

These components are made from galvanized steel which has protective zinc coating. You should avoid using garage floor and driveway cleaners which can damage this coating. When buying such products, you must read the label carefully. If you are in doubt, you should not hesitate to ask the seller.

Check the torsion spring in case of a loud bang

This scary noise is produced when the spring breaks. This happens because the tension which the component holds is released. Simple inspection will show whether the spring is broken. If this is the case, you must disconnect the opener from the power source and avoid operating the door manually as well as automatically until the component is replaced.

Inspect the trolley if the motor is running but the door is not moving

In this situation, the garage door trolley is most likely broken and cannot operate the moving arm and the door respectively. Check it carefully from all sides. Get the broken component replaced as soon as possible. Avoid operating the door in the meantime to prevent further issues.


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