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Popular Questions About Garage Doors

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Popular Questions About Garage Doors

Garage Door FAQ Answered by Professional Technicians

Get the answers to important questions related to overhead garage doors, springs and openers from this specially designed FAQ page to do even better when it comes to making decisions, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Every question has an answer, and we want to help you get the right answers to your garage door related questions. Our skilled and experienced technicians at Garage Door Repair Lombard are experts in fixing doors, springs and openers of all types and brands. Count on our company to provide maintenance and replacement services of top quality as well.

Are there differences among weather seals?

There are different kinds of weather seals in terms of materials. Some look like a brush but most of them are made of vinyl. Some are inserted in retainers and there are some differentiations among those used for the top, side and bottom part of the door.

Which garage door openers are the quietest?

The belt drive garage door openers undoubtedly have the quietest operation. The professionals of our garage door repair company recommend that you choose a model with a strong and durable drive belt. The opener should have a functional design as well.

What can I do to make my garage door operate efficiently?

One of the best things you can do is to get your garage door cables and springs maintained regularly by a specialist, maybe once a year or so. In any case, always ensure that you are using proper lubrication, and that water does not seep into the mechanism so that it will be hindered.

Are there really completely silent openers?

The belt drive garage door opener is definitely silent because although it works similarly with chain drive openers, their chain is protected by a rubber belt. These days, all types of garage door motors are improved in comparison to previous decades and even the chain opener won't be as loud as before.  This being said, you will need to make sure that the chain is in place and well lubricated.

What do insulated garage doors offer?

You can enjoy excellent temperatures at home. Don't forget that most garages are attached to the houses and the temperatures are affected. Getting insulated garage doors would allow you to spend less for energy consumption and, thus, you will be saving money and contributing to the saving of the planet. Don't forget to check the bottom seal to avoid losing any energy from there and remember the good effects of frequent garage door maintenance.

Do I change the springs when I replace the garage door?

If we assume that the garage door springs are in good condition, you would only have to replace them in case you get a heavier garage door than the present one. Otherwise, the springs won't be able to lift it properly and soon you will have problems. If you don't want the extra expense, you need to buy garage doors with the same characteristics as the existing one.

What are my insulated garage door options?

The simplest option is to get single-layer steel panels with polystyrene backing. Alternatively, you can go for a structure with two layers of steel and polystyrene or polyurethane between them. In general, polyurethane has higher R-value for the same thickness while being resistant to water damage and mold.

How do I protect my door from rust?

The panels should be painted with exterior-grade paint as soon as the door is installed and repainted annually afterwards. You should also add weather seals. With lubrication, the moving metal parts including the spring, rollers and hinges will be better protected from all kinds of damage including rust. Avoid using garage and driveway cleaners which can damage the metal and cause rusting.

What is the fix for bent track?

If the bending is not too serious, the track can be straightened. The bolts of the brackets are tightened for preventing future accidents. It is important for damaged and broken bolts and brackets to be replaced. If the track is severely bent, it is best to replace it. The new component should have the same length and width as the original one.

How come my door is uneven?

This problem typically occurs when one of the lift cables is broken. Get the component replaced as quickly as possible and avoid using the door in the meantime. If you have an extension spring system, the issue could also be due to broken spring or worn pulley. In any case, the problematic component has to be replaced.

Why is the opener not working with the remote?

Replace the batteries to see if this solves the problem. If the remote is still not working, it may have failed and has to be replaced. If you can open the door with the clicker, but you cannot close it with it, the issue is most likely with the safety sensors and they require repair or replacement.

How do torsion and extension springs compare?

In the first case, you will usually have a single spring mounted over a shaft above the door. It is connected to drums and lift cables. The extension system involves one spring on each side of the door, two sets of pulleys and a pair of lift cables plus a pair of safety cables. It is more complex and hence the risk of issues is higher. That is why most residential doors use torsion springs.


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